Pre-Optometry Program

The preprofessional courses required for admission to the Indiana University School of Optometry are listed below along with the Franklin College courses which would meet these requirements. Most schools, including Indiana University, require a minimum of 90 semester hours of college credit prior to entering the four-year professional optometry program. Admissions requirements are slightly different for those students entering IU with and without a bachelors degree (see below). Many students attain a B.A. degree prior to beginning the study of optometry, but it is possible for Franklin College students who are accepted at an accredited professional school after three years to receive the B.A. from Franklin upon completion of the first year of the professional program (such as optometry, medicine, medical technology, etc.).

No particular major or area of concentration is required for the pre-optometry student, but the student should feel at ease with the science and mathematics courses that make up a large part of the preprofessional program. These courses are also required as background knowledge for the Optometry Admission Test, which is givenyear round at various test centers. The application deadline is January 1 and notifications will normally be completed by July 1. Applications received between January 1 and July 1 will be processed as received, and selections will be made as long as vacancies exist.

Pre-requisite coursework for IU School of Optometery (requirements are followed by equivalent Franklin College courses) 

        Biology/Zoology General: 4 hours - BIO 134 Principles of Biology and BIO 140 Cell Biology (8 hours)

        Microbiology with lab: 4 hours - BIO 373 Microbiology

        Advanced Biology: 3 hours - BIO 221-392

        General Chemistry: 8 hours - CHE 121, 122, 123, 124 General Chemistry I & II Lecture and Lab (10 hours)

        Organic Chemistry: 4 hours - CHE 221 and 223 Organic Chemistry I lecture and lab

        Physics: 8-10 hrs (1 year) - PHY 121, 122 General Physics I & II (10 hours)

        Statistics: 3 hours - MAT/PSY 224  Applied Statistics

        Calculus: 4 hours - MAT 135 Calculus I

        Psychology: 4 hours - PSY 117 General Psychology

        English Composition: LA 101 The Self & Society

        Additional Intensive Writing Course: LA 201 The Worlds of Imagination: Exploring Great Literature

Coursework recommended by the IU School of Optometery and the related course taught at Franklin.

       Small Business management: BUS 100 Introduction to Business 

        Medical Terminology: ATR 121 Medical Terminology and Documentation for Allied Health Professions

        Ethics: PHL 220 Principles of Ethics, BIO 225 Bioethics

Pre-Optometry  Advisor:

Dr. Sam Rhodes