Occupational Therapy

A degree in biology or chemistry from Franklin College provides many of the foundation courses required for acceptance into an occupational therapy Masters and, at the same time,  provides you with  a very marketable degree in case you chose not to pursue further study that area. 

The following are required for consideration for admission at the University of Indianapolis:
  • Hold a bachelor's degree in a discipline other than occupational therapy, or complete it by enrollment.
  • Three letters of recommendation, including one from an occupational therapist
  • Completion of the prerequisite courses with a grade of at least a "C" in each course and a prerequisite GPA of at least 3.0. Courses taken on a pass fail basis will not count for prerequisites.  (Note: The number of credits listed is a minimum. The hours listed in parenthesis reflect the number of credits awarded at Franklin for a given course.)              

        Chemistry 3 credits - CHE 121, 123 General Chemsitry I w/ lab (5 hours)

         Physics - 3 credits: PHY 221 General Physics I (5 hours)

         Biological sciences - 9 credit minimum distributed as follows:

                            General Biology with lab: BIO 134 Principles of Biology (4 hours)

                            Anatomy w/ lab and Physiology w/ lab: Human Anatomy and Physiology I & II (8 hours)

          Behavioral Sciences - 12 credits  

                            General Psychology: PSY 117 General Psychology (4 hours)

                            Abnormal Psychology: PSY 321 Abnormal Psychology (3 hours)

                            Life Span Psychology: PSY 226 Lifespan Psychology (3 hours)

                            Anthropology or Sociology: SOC 118 Introduction to Sociology (4 hours) or SOC 123 Introduction                                 to Anthropology (3 hours)

          Written and Verbal Communication - 5 credits

                            English Composition: LA 101 The Self & Society

                            Literature or Speech: LA 201 The Worlds of Imagination: Exploring Great Literature or LA 111                                     Public Speaking

         Medical Terminology is strongly recommended.  (ATR 121 Medical Terminology and Documentation                             for Allied Health Professions)

Pre-OT Advisor: 

Dr. Alice Heikens